Oriented Nature Reserve Saline of Trapani and Paceco

Saline of Trapani and Paceco

The salt pans of Trapani and Paceco represent a remnant of nature that was rescued 26 years ago from urban expansion thanks to the establishment of the Reserve. In addition to being among the last remaining productive salt pans in Sicily, they are also a treasure trove of biodiversity, where production activities and nature conservation coexist.
Here there is a concentration of a great natural heritage recognised as a Special Protection Area (ITA010028) and Special Area of Conservation (ITA010007), IBA and Ramsar Site, but also an area of high landscape, architectural and ethno-anthropological value.

R.N.O Saline di Trapani e Paceco


The WWF Oases play the role of conservation and awareness-raising, but also act as meeting places for young and old, offering creative, educational, scientific research and experimental moments to all visitors.

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