Guided Tours

It is possible to take free guided tours inside the protected area, which must be booked at least one week in advance, ONLY ONLINE THROUGH OUR WEBSITE CLICK HERE ;Bookings are confirmed only after sending a confirmation e-mail.

Guided tours are in ITALIAN language.

Guided tours for groups or schools must be accompanied by at least one tour leader (or two in the case of schools), who will remain solely responsible for the group; the number of participants must not exceed twenty, excluding children, and take place on Wednesday and Saturday mornings;

You can leave a donation for the WWF.

For the visit to the Reserve, excursion participants are advised to wear comfortable shoes, clothing suitable for dirt tracks (muddy in some months of the year), a hat to protect themselves from the sun, a waterproof windbreaker with a hat (in case of bad weather, but windy days are frequent). It is suggested that you come equipped with binoculars and/or spotting scopes;

As the routes are outdoors, caution is advised for those with particular allergies.

Excursions last on average about two hours and highlight both the naturalistic peculiarities, also through birdwatching activities, and those of salt farming. The itineraries within the protected area vary according to the time of year and weather conditions, and there are transfers from the visitors’ centre to the saltworks where the visit takes place with their own vehicles.

For the observation of the migratory fauna that stops at the Reserve, both from the perimeter areas of the salt pans and from areas authorised by the Management Authority, the best periods are recommended to be from February to April or from September to December; however, during the summer months some of the accesses authorised by the Management Authority are closed to protect the nesting fauna in this very delicate period, and it is only possible to observe the birds in some areas and at a respectful distance.

From JULY to SEPTEMBER it is also possible to watch the salt harvesting activity, either through booked excursions or, independently, from the roads around the salt pans.


The historic ‘Salt Museum’ of Nubia is a private structure managed by the Culcasi family, located within Zone A of the Reserve.

Information and visiting arrangements must be made directly with the managers.

(Mob. 3206635818; 3206575455)

The ‘Saline di Trapani e Paceco’ Reserve extends immediately south of Trapani, from the outskirts of the capital to the hamlet of Salina Grande, straddling the municipalities of Trapani, Paceco and Misiliscemi.

Visitor Centre:
Mulino Maria Stella
SP 21 angolo Via Carlo Messina
lat. 37.996514 N
long. 12.535508 E


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